Facebook celebrate 10 year anniversary today

Facebook celebrate 10 year anniversary today

Pioneers of social media

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10 years ago, on February 4 2004, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a social network site for Harvard students - a decade later, Facebook has over a billion users around the world

The renowned social platform that started out as a pet project of Mark Zuckerberg's at university reaches a milestone today - its 10th birthday. A decade since its inception, it has become the most popular social networking site where billions of people connect on a daily basis.

The impact Facebook has had on so many different aspects of modern life is extraordinary. In the last 10 years the platform has become more and more advanced and even transformed the recruiting world, advertisingworld and become a hub for world news broadcasts.

Zuckerberg's latest project is called - with one aim: to get the whole world online. His belief is that connectivity leads to better human relations and could even address economic disparity. The new project aims to create a low-cost, low-data version of basic Internet services so even the poorest people can have access to the inspiring digital world. 

Facebook 10

To celebrate the 10 year milestone, here are ten amazing Facebook facts:

1| Facebook is visited monthly by 1.23 billion people globally.

2| 350 million photos are shared each day on average.

3| Over the last 2 years 7.8 trillion users exchanged messages.

4| In the last 10 years Facebook has formed 200 billion friendships.

5| In 2008, Facebook had over 20 languages.

6| The like button was launched in 2009.

7| On average daily, the like button is clicked 6 billion times.

8| 64% of web users visit Facebook everyday.

9| On average, each Facebook user has 338 friends.

10| Last year mobile advertising brought Facebook more than $3 billion.


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