Everything you need to know about Apple iPhone X

Everything you need to know about Apple iPhone X

Five game changing updates

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If there's one device demanding attention this season it's the Apple iPhone X. Here Buro 24/7 Middle East looks at the iconic mobile that is transforming everything from the way we action a call, to how we charge en mass...

O n 12 September, at the newly opened Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, California, Tim Cook announced the iPhone X. Two months later it arrived, with Apple enthusiasts in Dubai and Saudi Arabia the first to purchase the highly-anticipated phone ahead of those in the US. Designed to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Apple iPhone, the X (also known as the 10) now features face recognition, wireless charging, a ceramic glass exterior, Animojis and portrait lighting. Here Buro 24/7 Middle East details the achingly cool new design elements of the iPhone X...

Face Recognition

Hello FaceID! As one the ultimate new features in the history of Apple iPhone, Face Recognition now allows users to unlock their phones simply just by looking at the screen. How does it work? The iPhone X is complete with 30,000 invisible infrared dots, which align with the contours of your face (it uses a new technology called TrueDepth), allowing the camera to map your face in a millisecond. Once the device recognises that you're the owner of the phone (a process you set-up when you first turn on the phone), it instantly unlocks. Worried about safety? The chances of someone else accessing your phone via FaceID are only one in one million, compared to TouchID (installed on previous versions of Apple iPhone) where the chance was one in 50,000. There's also no longer a home button, simply swipe up from the bottom corner to engage with the X!

Apple iPhone X

Wireless Charging

Apple now has the answer to multi-device recharging capabilities, and it's as resourceful as it is ingenious. With the announcement of the iPhone X came the news that Apple will also be releasing the Apple AirPower, a mat designed to charge multiple Apple devices at the same time. Simply place your iPhone, iPad, iWatch and EarPods onto the mat and it will charge them all, at the same speed, at the same time. There's no need for multiple plugs or cables anymore. It's a game changer!

Apple iPhone X

Glass Appeal

For the first time ever, Apple has introduced an iPhone completely designed in a ceramic glass casing. Available in silver and space grey, expect the device to be covered in glass front to back. The newly reconsidered design is now also dust proof, as well as water-resistant, which is achingly ideal for the Middle Eastern climate.

Apple iPhone X


Emojis have taken on all-new meaning with the new iPhone X. Introducing Animojis, emojis, which are brought to life through the same face recognition technology used with FaceID. The built-in camera has been designed to analyse 50 facial muscle movements, which it then mimicks to bring your choosen emoji to life. For now, there's only select emojis you can choose to use, think the unicorn, fox, panda, puppy dog, robot, alien and a few more, but we say watch this space.

Apple iPhone X

Portrait Lighting

When it comes to the 12-megapixel camera, expect professional photography quality. Portrait lighting is the new addition, which replicates the effects of studio lighting from your phone. There's also the new True Tone® technology, which allows the iPhone to adjust the white balance of the display, to your surroundings. The result? Clearer, more colourful snaps.

Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X is available from Apple stores across the Middle East from November 3, 2017, in silver and space grey, 64GB and 256GB models, and prices start at Dhs4099. The Apple AirPower will be available in 2018. Watch this space and follow Apple on Instagram now.

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