The new 'Silicon Feelings' emoji web app

The new 'Silicon Feelings' emoji web app

Emotions all around the world

Image: Silicon Feelings

As was revealed this week, a new website which allows people to show their emoji feelings in real time all over the globe has been developed

Ever since Apple introduced the addictive Emoji keyboard to its iOS, people have been consistently expressing their feelings through the use of different smiley faces, household objects, foods, and images of weather conditions.

Today, developer Bradley Griffith has created 'Silicon Feelings' — a website which shows emojis people are tweeting all over the world, in real-time.

Griffith spoke about the project, stating, "With Silicon Feelings, the project's emotional element was more in the design. If I had simply made Earth with the Emoji appearing on it — floating in space on a bootstrapped webpage — it might have looked completely in line with the current popular attention towards Emoji. Instead Earth is suspended in dusty air, the social buttons are absent, and the Tweets associated with each Emoji go undisplayed... With Silicon Feelings I wanted to present a sort of silent observation of the stories we can't know, even as we align ourselves further under technology."

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