Search unveils the Ekocycle Cube 3-D printer unveils the Ekocycle Cube 3-D printer

In partnership with Coca-Cola

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"With the EKOCYCLE brand, I'm on a mission to educate and inspire consumers around the globe to seek out more sustainable lifestyle choices that will ultimately play a part in the movement toward a world with zero waste." -

Coca-cola and have joined forces to create the Ekocycle brand, which is focused on "promoting sustainability through aspirational yet attainable lifestyle products" that at least partially utilise recycled materials, such is the case here.

The Ekocycle cartidge prints with the strongest flexibility possible from PJP (Plastic Jet Printing) coupled with durability and a curated colour palette for 3D prints. Each Ekocycle cartridge turns the equivalent of 3 bottles into your next wearable fashion, music accessory or desktop décor. With a simple tap you get to decide how it's made, where it's made and when it's made. 

The tinted filaments will be available in red, black, white and an additional colour that is yet to be announced. The product will also include WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, 70 microns printing resolution, two extruders to allow multicolour printing, and the capacity to print objects as big as six inches cubed.

3D printer

3D printer

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