The 'eBay Valet' app launches

The 'eBay Valet' app launches

Takes on every step of the selling process, for you

Image: eBay

Music to the ears of those who just can't get the hang of eBay's sometimes complicated selling process, 'eBay Valet' serves to take care of the process

As online giant ebay continues to grow in the world of auction style marketplaces, it has released its new app called 'eBay Valet'.

The title tells you everything you need to know about the app – it takes on every step of the selling process, from calculating an item’s value to listing it, even shipping it when sold.

Users simply need to take a picture of the item and input its description, the “valet” then responds with a valuation range of which you have a choice to sell or not. Furthermore, if you have the necessary packing materials already, eBay will send you a shipping label and if not, they can send you a free, prepaid box instead.

Sellers will then retain 70% of the profits, which are deposited to their PayPal accounts. The free eBay Valet app is now available to download here.

eBay launch new 'Valet' app

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