eBay calls Amazon delivery drones 'a fantasy'

eBay calls Amazon delivery drones 'a fantasy'

The CEOs go head to head

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eBay has criticised Amazon's delivery drones idea as an over ambitious plan for the future

Chief Executive Officer of eBay, John Donahoe, has called the delivery of products by drones – a project that rival Inc. is said to be working on – a fantasy.

"We're not really focusing on long-term fantasies," Donahoe said in an interview on Bloomberg Television when she asked if he would be presenting a drone. "We're working on things that will change consumers' experiences today."

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said this week that the world's largest e-commerce company is testing drones to deliver small packages, an initiative that he anticipates will happen within the next five years. The endeavour was met with quite understandable resistance from regulators - and scepticism from couriers.

The drones envisioned by Amazon would be programmed with GPS coordinates that let them fly directly to a customer's door, dropping off books, food and other small goods, according to Bezos and a company video posted on YouTube:

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