Earin: The world's smallest wireless earbuds

Earin: The world's smallest wireless earbuds

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Inspired from a scene in the 2008 film, 'Definitely Maybe’, Olle Lindén’s reveals his vision of wireless earbuds with a new product called Earin

For people who are tired of getting their earbuds tangled everyday we present to you Earin – the newest and smallest wireless earbuds now available on the market.

The two separate and sleek-looking earbuds — which featured in Spike Jonze's film Her — together function as one Bluetooth headphone, no cables, no attachments just  high quality audio sound.

Wireless earbuds

The technology's creator Olle Lindén's  explains, "Wires are always the first point of irritation with headphones. They are in the way, create sound when touching your clothes or cheek – and get pulled out of my ears whenever I am on the move."

Wireless earbuds

The innovative earbuds are currently on sale via Kickstarter for around $200. If you order the earbuds now your contribution will also help build Earin's second prototype, source components for its first sale batch and help finalise the design of the world's smallest earbuds.

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