Dubai Police to take Google Glass to the streets

Dubai Police to take Google Glass to the streets


The Dubai Police soon plan to issue officers with Google Glass hands-free eyewear to help them fight crime in the UAE

According to a police spokesman in the Gulf Arab emirate, the police of the city are set to be equipped with Google Glass – which can take photos, record video and play sound – so they can use facial recognition to look for wanted criminals.

A Dubai Police spokesperson confirmed to Dubai's 7 Days newspaper that custom-made software will allow the officers' Glass to sync with a database of faces. That way if police officers encounter wanted people their eyewear would alert them.

The slick wearable device would be used in a first phase to combat traffic violations and look for offending vehicles. A second phase would see the technology distributed to detectives for the facial recognition program.

Each Glass costs $1,500, and keeps in line with Dubai police's luxury law enforcement, which includes having $400,000 Lamborghinis for use at major tourist sites.