Dr. Dre receiving $3.2 billion for his Beats from Apple?

Dr. Dre receiving $3.2 billion for his Beats from Apple?

Set to be the largest acquisition made by the tech company

Image: Humanitum

This week, Dr. Dre could become the first rapper turned billionaire as reports state he could be days away from closing a mega-deal with Apple for his Beats Electronics brand

According to a variety of reports in the last few days, Apple will be acquiring the hip-hop mogul's Beats for a staggering $3.2 billion, with Dre already earning congratulations from his friends including P. Diddy.

Dre and Interscope's Jimmy Iovine created the brand back in 2008 with only headphones, which over the years turned into a musical money making machine, as they now work with speakers, car audio systems and a streaming service.

The deal is set to close this week and would be Apple's biggest acquisition ever. Dre has already come in at number 2 on Forbes' most recent list of hip-hops wealthiest artists – with a net worth of $550 million with P.Diddy at number one. This new Apple deal could however push the California rapper to the top of many more Forbes lists.