DKNY set to test fashion's new revolutionary technology

DKNY set to test fashion's new revolutionary technology

Awear Solutions fashion tool

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Awear Solutions is trying to make it easier for consumers to identify and buy fashion items they have seen and DKNY is now the first brand to test out the yet-to-be-released tool

Awear Solutions new project is a highly addictive new application, which enables users to precisely identify exactly what someone is wearing from up to 9 metres away. Ensuring the product is real and not fake, the app will then offer the option to purchase or share the item right on the spot.

"It will not give you similar items - but the exact [one]," Israel-based cofounder Liron Slonimsky said of the unique patent-pending modules and corresponding appThe company's goal is to unite the fashion community by strengthening communication between business and consumer. 

The modules, a small chip that transforms any item into a 'smart' object, provides consumers with identification of an item from a distance of up to 9 metres away, with just a simple touch of the 'scan' button. The hardware is also washing-machine safe and has a five year transmission period.

Today, DKNY will be the first brand to test the chip and brand-specific app at an event at the company's flagship on Madison Avenue in New York City. According to Aliza Licht, Donna Karan International senior vice president of global communications, a variety of 20 items in the store are now tagged with the chip. 

Upon arrival, guests will download Awear's app and select an 'egg', with each egg being linked to one of the 20 items in the store, the app will direct its users to their chosen hidden Easter 'egg'.

The company is spending the rest of the year solidifying partnerships with 20 companies in the fashion and retail business and plans for an official launch in 2015. 

Watch how the Awear app works below now:

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