The iDiversicons app: Emojis for all

The iDiversicons app: Emojis for all

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Image: IDiversicons

Inspired to create a selection of diverse emoji icons after a simple question from her daughter, Katrina Parrott has created an answer for users globally

With Apple said to be in the process of adding a more culturally diverse range of emojis to its next keypad offering, its seems that new app iDiversicons has beat them to it with a product created by ex-NASA programmer Katrina Parrott – and it offers over 900 diverse new emojis.

From African American doctors, mixed raced family units, Hindu grandmothers, a black Father Christmas and various breeds of dog – it's as true a representation of the world as can possibly be offered for the emoji user today.

Parrott reportedly got the idea to create the app from her daughter, when she asked why there wasn't an app that looked like her, and her friends. She said, "One thing we wanted was an app that represented not just African Americans, we wanted one that represented the world." So she set about creating one that featured everything from a blonde in military uniform, to a nurse with red hair. "We wanted all people to be able to find an emoji that looked like them."

Currently the emojis are simply icons that you can send, and the app is being pitched to the official Unicode technical committee next month. 

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