Disney, Apple and Google sign unprecedented video deal

Disney, Apple and Google sign unprecedented video deal

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Apple and Google announce its plans to allow anyone who buys a Disney movie from either of their online stores to watch it on any device, from anywhere

Technology pioneers Google and Apple have announced an unlikely agreement to share rights to digital content, which will allow anyone who purchases a Disney movie from their online stores, the ability to view the movie on smartphones, tablets and other digital devices that run their rival's operating system. 

Today, anyone who registers with the 'Disney Movies Anywhere' app and buys the hit Disney film Frozen via the Google Play store on an Android device, for example, will also be able to watch the film on an Apple TV through the iTunes library.

Until now, both Google and Apple have restricted their users from accessing items purchased on their respective digital stores from competitor devices and products. 

"This is about getting people comfortable with building their digital movies collection," Jamie Voris, chief technology officer at Walt Disney Studios told the WSJ. "Disney is going to protect them and make sure they can watch their movies wherever they want to." 

In the unprecedented agreement, the two tech giants will pay Disney a wholesale rate for every copy of a purchased film and keep any profits, regardless of the devices that people watch it on.