New @CongressEdits Twitter account tracks anonymous Wikipedia changes

New @CongressEdits Twitter account tracks anonymous Wikipedia changes

Monitors edits from congressional IP addresses

Image: Wikipedia

A new automated Twitter account @CongressEdits, is posting every one of the edits made from the US Senate and White House

The famed encyclopedia site, Wikipedia, allows you to view changes by IP address  with the congressional IP addresses open to the public  –  a new Twitter account will now track each change.

Inspired by a similar scheme set up for the UK Parliament, web developer Ed Summers created @congressedits, which automatically searches for edits made by the IP addresses, then tweets a link to the changes.

The account which launched this weekend, has so far turned up more random edits than political scandals. For example, someone working from one of the IPs made a change to the plot of the dance movie Step Up 3D.