Take a look at the wireless concrete speakers by Concrete Audio

Take a look at the wireless concrete speakers by Concrete Audio

"We are fas­ci­nated by sound"

German audio maker, Concrete Audio is a unique speaker manufacturer that has a very different vision when it comes to the aesthetic and materials used in their products, discover more here...

Audio fanatics and speaker manufacturer, Concrete Audio debut its latest model – the F1 Flat Panel wireless speaker system. Designed with an ultra slim shape, the unique new speaker uses state of the art patented array technology, which offers the user unrivaled, high quality audio.

"Unlike the body of a musical instrument, good loudspeaker housing should not vibrate, as modern drivers (the actual loudspeaker in the box) today render the full sound spectrum linearly. But if the housing itself does vibrate due to its construction or materials (wood, plastic), then those vibrations affect performance by amplifying or diminishing certain sympathetic frequencies within the sound spectrum. It is a complicated physical process with a simple and clearly audible consequence," say the pioneering brand.

The new speakers sit in a 32mm frame and have been designed by Fraunhofer IDMT using special high strength concrete to help reliably prevent vibrations on the enclosure, resulting in the award-winning tone quality. The F1 Wireless Speakers are available in a wide range of colours and surface finishes and can be joined with aluminium and wooden frames to give an alternative aesthetic. 

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