China to unblock Twitter and Facebook

China to unblock Twitter and Facebook

(For a while at least)

Editor: Buro 24/7

The Chinese authorities will open access to blocked social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, and the world's most famous search engine Google. But only for a short time. Know what we know here....

During the upcoming 2015 World Championships in Athletics, the general secretary of the International Association of Athletics Federations, Essar Gabriel, said banned platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Google – would be open to the public. The news was announced at a press conference on Thursday.

Facebook and Twitter were banned in China in 2009 after the social media platforms were used to organize protests in the country. Whilst Google Search and YouTube are among the 2,700 manually banned websites in mainland China, with exceptions made for Hong Kong and Macau, under its policy of Internet censorship.

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