Change the way you shop for beauty products with the 'Think Dirty' app

Change the way you shop for beauty products with the 'Think Dirty' app

Saying no to chemicals in makeup

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Toronto-based entrepreneur Lily Tse has recently created an app that reveals the harmful chemicals in beauty products

The new and unique app 'Think Dirty' will alarmingly reveal exactly what is in your favourite mascara or foundation and just how toxic its ingredients could potentially be.  

Unlike food labels, the FDA doesn't monitor the ingredients that go into beauty products, making it impossible to figure out what women apply to their faces everyday. Now with 'Think Dirty', it is very easy, as all one has to do is scan the barcode of the product, and await easy-to-understand information on the product. 

The app lists 68,000 North American and European products and their ingredients, rating them on a "dirtiness scale" from one (being the cleanest) to 10 (being the dirtiest).

Tse was inspired to develop the app by her mother, who is a breast cancer survivor. "I pay a lot of attention to food and a lot of other stuff, but then I realized that cosmetics and beauty are like a taboo," she said. 

'Think Dirty' has already been downloaded 70,000 times and is aiming for a cleaner future, hoping that brands will become motivated to use fewer chemicals in their formulas and empower women to feel that they can make smart choices about their beauty products.

Watch the video for the Think Dirty app below now:

We want you to Think Dirty from Think Dirty on Vimeo

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