The Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker

The Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker

By French designer Mathieu Lehanneur

Image: Design Boom
Image: Vimeo

Keeping things sleek and simple is the new design from Binauric by Mathieu Lehanneur, incorporating seamless human voice-overs

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has done something quite radical when it comes to innovative speaker design – of which there are so many on the market – making his work stand out with seamless human voice-overs (in any language) for Binauric.

Called the 'Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker', the portable piece packs 15 hours of playback time into a compact polygonal body, connecting seamlessly with either iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth and traditional headphone methods. A key focus in Lehanneur's design was tactility, and accordingly other cool features include a headphone cord that loops into a carrying strap, and a touchpad for manual sound management, and a soft silicone body.

Learn more about the Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker in the videos below, and click here to purchase your own. 


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