Introducing the BMW driverless smartwatch

Introducing the BMW driverless smartwatch

No parking – no problem

BMW announce the new smartwatch that can park an electric BMW i3 without a driver. The latest development in driverless car technology...

It could be a gadget from the Mission Impossible films, but a watch that can summon your car to collect you from the car park with precision timing is soon to be a reality thanks to the BMW smartwatch. The gadget was announced at the innovation convention CES 2015, in Las Vegas. 

Building on the trending advancements in technology for driverless cars, the watch aims to integrate a fully automated parking system with an all electric BMW i3 car and its accompanying wrist watch. The system is enabled by four advanced laser scanners, digital site plans and on-board processors, along with algorithms that are able to detect and react to unexpected obstructions. 

The car is controlled via the smartwatch allowing the driver to exit the car at the entrance of the car park or even the front door of their destination, leaving the car to do the hard work of searching for a parking space and executing the parking. Upon leaving, the driver is able to summon the car using the smartwatch, which can synchronise a pick up time and location perfectly. No more waiting in the valet line.

Stay tuned to Buro 24/7 for details of the expected release date.