Bloomberg to launch luxury website

Bloomberg to launch luxury website

The digital rollout

Image: Bloomberg
Image: Thomson Reuters

Bloomberg News is investing heavily in its luxury coverage, and the starting point is digital

Bloomberg News has a new strategy, and it involves the luxury market and a digital audience.

It is claimed that Chris Rovzar, former editor of Vanity Fair will be heading up the Bloomberg editorial restructure, to create a discourse that speaks volumes in a luxury environment.

Following the successful launch of Bloomberg Pursuits in 2012, Rovzar will act as a bridge between the News and Media groups to drive forward the publications's global luxury coverage. As a result the company has already seen a large increase in advertising pages, and will continue its investment into lifestyle and luxury content across all platforms. The Pursuits print run will be increased, and its integration across platforms developed - including television and events, for a more interactive overall experience for the end user. The quarterly publication is therefore expected to become a bimonthly by 2015, with the Bloomberg luxury push likely to take place at the end of this year, or beginning of next. This has yet to be confirmed.



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