Watch now: Beats by Dre's 'The Game Before The Game'

Watch now: Beats by Dre's 'The Game Before The Game'

Pre-gaming at it's best

Video: YouTube

The distinguishable SOLO2 and Studio headphones create a driving force that leads to victory

The hype before any big game is sometimes more important than the game itself, and there's no denying that its performers, namely athletes and musicians, have their own unique ritualistic routines that they go through before they hit the spotlight.

In this video, Beats by Dre gives us a behind-the-scenes experience, exposing the practices and protocols of 'pre-gaming', and how these behaviours propel the performers mindset into winning mode. It unfolds the suspense, angst and ultimate conviction that leads up to their defining moments. 

The video features the likes of Lebron James, Neymar Jr, Lil Wayne, Bacary Sagna and Nicki Minaj to name a few.

Watch The Game Before The Game below, now: