For sale: Lunch with Julian Assange for $50,000

For sale: Lunch with Julian Assange for $50,000

A WikiLunch in Ecuador?

Not being able to leave the Embassy of Ecuador could get lonely, which is why the WikiLeaks founder is allowing one person to come and join him for lunch for a $50,000 price tag

This week, the VIP charity event Charitybuzz is offering people the chance to bid on a lunch with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, a place he has had to call him for the past few years.

The auction will end on August 28 and the successful bidder who will pay $50,000 to win the lunch date, will be able to talk with Assange and eat alongside him, all in the name of charity.

 Proceeds from the auction will benefit Arms Around the Child, which supports children that are in need around the world.