Archt One – a revolutionary new sound system

Archt One – a revolutionary new sound system

An altogether new wireless speaker...

The sleek new speaker – Archt one – from Archt, promises to revolutionise your home audio system by delivering perfect quality sound evenly throughout every room...

New audio company – Archt – have successfully brought about the release of a revolutionary new wireless speaker, with the help of a Kickstarter fund. The speaker, named ‘Archt one’, is the result of years of acoustic research, it is able to deliver uniform sound to any part of any room through the use of a patented ‘sound array’ technology, which ensures that sound is delivered evenly through the space it occupies. Unlike most sound systems currently on the market, the Archt one, with its high fidelity speaker design, can preserve the sound integrity of music, delivering clean crisp high notes and deep base notes to the farthest reaches of your home. 

The sleek black wireless speaker has an elegantly curved elliptical shape and can be seamlessly integrated with smartphones and laptop with its accompanying app. It is also compatible with bluetooth and has the capacity to stream music directly via an inbuilt USB port. 

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