The photo apps that give you iOS 8 functions... Now

The photo apps that give you iOS 8 functions... Now

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With iOS 8 coming out in a few months, you don’t actually have to wait until then to get your hands on its new camera functions. Buro 24/7 Middle East highlights five of the best currently available apps that the new Apple system will have

The new iOS 8 functions will host a variety of innovative new photo features, in both the camera app and the photos app. Now, before the iOS 8's release, Buro 24/7 Middle East shines a spotlight on some of the best apps currently available that will give you the most unique and professional-looking pictures, all from your smartphone, before anyone else...

The photo apps that give you iOS 8

Mattebox for manual exposure control

In iOS 8, a long tap on the camera screen will lock the focus on that point and give you a slider to manually adjust the exposure up and down, a new addition, which the Mattebox also features.


The photo apps that give you iOS 8

KeyCam for Self-timer

KeyCam is a simple, fast and reliable self-timer app for the iPhone. It opens to a five-second timer, and by just tapping a button a countdown will start – with an added option of a longer delay (of 10- or 15-second).


The photo apps that give you iOS 8

Photowerks for Searching

The new iOS 8 photos app will incorporate a new search tool that lets you find photos based on album, place or time. Photowerks does the same, and even lets you save the images as smart albums so you can access them in the future. 


The photo apps that give you iOS 8

iPhoto for better editing

The only way to get iOS 8's lossless editing in iOS 7 is to use the iPhoto app. Lossless keeps the original file and makes sure it isn't touched when you make edits, so you can always revert to the original.


The photo apps that give you iOS 8

Frameographer for time-lapse

The new time-lapse feature in iOS 8 produces an instantly made MP4 video file. Frameographer lets you do the same, with a single touch of the shutter, the camera records a time-lapse video is made and also instantly saved as MP4 file.  

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