Apple is developing waterproof methods for its devices

Apple is developing waterproof methods for its devices

A new patent is filed

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According to sources, Apple is developing technology to make its various devices waterproof, after competitors Samsung and Sony have released waterproof devices to the market...

Following the announcement that it will debut a new music streaming service this summer, a new report has surfaced, claiming that Apple is working on waterproofing its devices, after its competitors debuted waterproof mobiles to the market. Samsung have introduced the water-resistant Galaxy S5, whilst Sony debuted its fully waterproof Xperia. 

According the sources, Apple filed a recent patent application which points towards the tech giant waterproofing its devices. The patent, filed by Cupertino last March, features a thin hydrophobic coating to certain internal components within the devices. This method would allow Apple to waterproof its devices without compromising the shape or size of the outer iPhone 6 or iPad Air, for example. 

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