Apple CEO Tim Cook announces Apple Watch will be available in April

Apple CEO Tim Cook announces Apple Watch will be available in April

About time...

At last, Apple has revealed the Apple Watch schedule. A new announcement from Tim Cook tells us that the smartwatch will ship out in April. Let the count down begin...

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has broken his silence on the highly anticipated release of the Apple Watch, Apple's first offering into the ever-growing field of smartwatches. The company held a routine first-quarter earnings call yesterday and Cook chose this forum to announce the early April shipping schedule. 

Cook continued to say that between now and then, the Apple Watch team will be refining and perfecting the wrist worn device before it ships out. Unfortunately Cook did not reveal any further information regarding the wearable's pricing, only noting that prices would be "starting at $349".

Come April 2015, the Apple Watch will be available in three styles: the regular model, an 'Apple Watch Sport' version and an ultra-luxurious 'Apple Watch Edition', which is expected to be priced in the thousands in a bid to compete with the luxury watch market.

Since it was first revealed in September 2014, keen future-owners have only known that the watch will be released in "early 2015", so the news of this timetable is sure to cause much excitement. Although we can't imagine people will start camping outside the Apple store to be first in line to own one quite yet... Or could they?

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