Revealed: The Apple Watch's secret charging port

Revealed: The Apple Watch's secret charging port

And the new strap that charges the star wearable

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Just when we thought we knew everything there is to know about the Apple Watch it is revealed that the world's most famous wearable holds a secret charging port...

Karl Lagerfeld, Pharrell and Beyoncé all had one first, and it launched to some serious fanfare last month, but very few knew that it held a secret port, until now...

It is widely known that the Apple Watch's strap is changeable so that its refined owners can edit the look of their coveted tech timepiece easily, and regularly. But those who have decided to change their straps in the short time they've had Apple's star product have noticed something strange: A secret, hidden port.

Apple are yet to officially recognise the hidden port, or explain what it is there for, but Reserve Strap have claimed that it's for charging the Apple Watch and have designed a band that uses the port to charge the watch – making it the only band that charges the Apple Watch whilst you wear it.

The Apple Watch Charging Port

The Reserve Strap (pictured above) is priced at $250 and is available on the official Reserve Strap website now. Note that Apple has not vetted this product, and advise against using third party items for its coveted tech pieces.

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