Apple reports 35 percent sales increase since Apple Watch launch

Apple reports 35 percent sales increase since Apple Watch launch

Times are good

Apple has posted its first sales figures since the release of the Apple Watch – its first new launch in five years, and since the passing of founding CEO Steve Jobs – and it seems that sales are on the up and up…

Apple has posted its highly anticipated Q3 sales figures, revealing how the launch of the Apple Watch, its first new product in five years, and the first under new CEO Tim Cook, has performed. The verdict shows another record quarter for the tech giant, with over $1 billion worth of sales being accredited to the new wearable tech product. 

Although Apple has opted to withhold specific sales figures for the new gadget, many had predicted disappointment for the new wearable tech, with it being unknown territory, and not without its teething problems, but Apple's figures reflect a positive launch for the much-hyped smartwatch. 

However, the majority of Apple's revenue still comes from its established trifecta of iPhone, iPad and Mac sales. With total revenue for the period exceeding analysts exceptions of $49 billion, at $49.6 billion. It earned a profit of $10.7 billion, trailing its record of $18 billion that it set during the first quarter of this year (but Q3 has historically been the slowest quarter for sales for the tech giant, with consumers holding out for new launches in the Autumn).

Over all sales are up by 35 percent this quarter and the Apple Watch has surely had its part to play in that increase. Stay tuned to Buro 24/7 Middle East for all the latest Apple news...