Apple rumoured to be launching new TV service

Apple rumoured to be launching new TV service

The latest bid to bite into the TV market

Could Apple finally be on the brink of cracking the TV market? Rumour has it that the company has been in talks with program owners, cutting out the network middle-men, to strike deals for a new TV bundle service...

New Apple rumours have surfaced, and this time the subject is something other than a new handheld or wearable device – it's a web TV platform. The proposed service would consist of bundles of programming, which would see Apple cut out the cable and network companies and potentially striking deals directly with content providers.  

According to industry sources, Apple has already met with content providers to demonstrate the system they have designed. The project is in very early stages – with confirmed agreements yet to be made between programmers and Apple, and it is likely to be some time before any news of pricing, timing or available content is released. 

Apple has openly expressed a desire to crack into the TV market with multiple comments of the like coming from CEO Tim Cook, and Apple media head, Eddy Cue, famously said that the modern TV experience "sucks" at last year's Code conference, but so far it has only dabbled. Apple TV set-top devices that launched on 2007 has been moderately popular but by no means has 'revolutionised' the TV consumer experience, in 2009 Apple began attempts to roll out a content subscription service through its iTunes platform, but the concept failed to get off the ground properly. 

Will it be third time a charm for Apple's attempts at TV prominence? Or have Netflix and other subscription services already got the market tied up?