Apple to release the new iWatch in October

Apple to release the new iWatch in October

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Image: Rendering by Stephen Olmstead

In October, Apple will unveil and release its highly anticipated smartwatch, which many presume to be called the iWatch

Fresh off the tech company's launch of its latest iOS update, substantiated rumours from Japanese newspaper Nikkei have stated that Apple is now solidifying its plan to unveil the iWatch.

The sources mention that the new wearable device features a curved OLED touchscreen and will run on the newly added iOS 8,  bringing with it a series of apps and extensions from Apple's pre-existing ecosystem which has recently added fitness and tracking.

Other rumours also mention that there will be two sizes for the watch, 1.3 inches and 1.5-1.7 inches  both of which are set to start production in September for an October launch. 



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