Apple to open first Middle East store in Dubai?

Apple to open first Middle East store in Dubai?

The apple to fall far from the tree

This week, there has been growing speculation that Apple may finally be about to open its own retail store in the UAE

Touch down in the Middle East? Although Apple has not made any official statements yet, the American company has posted a number of jobs on its website seeking retail staff leading us to believe that perhaps people are needed for the Middle East's first ever outlet.  as Dubai is listed as the location according to the job listings.

According to the job listings – where Dubai as listed as the location  the various positions include business specialist, business manager, Apple genius and inventory specialist.

With no indications as to when the store would open, previous hiring schedules indicate that February 2015 could see Apple opening its Dubai doors. Apple CEO Tim Cook even visited the UAE earlier this year, meeting with Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed, as well as a number of Apple resellers.



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