Apple's game-changing AirPods are finally here!

Apple's game-changing AirPods are finally here!

Revolutionary tech

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Apple

After their debut in September, Apple's newest tech must-have is finally ready for you and here's why you need it now...

Apple fans take note! After months of anticipation, you can now get your hands on the revolutionary new AirPods. The new audio masterpiece is set to change the way you interact with your Apple devices, from your iPhone and iPad to your Apple Watch and even your Mac, all with a single tap. Once connected, the AirPods cleverly detect when they're in your ears and automatically start playing music. If you need to make a call or have a question for Siri, a double tap on the AirPods will do the trick.

Watch a video of the Apple AirPods now...

The Apple AirPods are priced at Dhs649 and are available now on Also, discover the new Apple emojis that came with the latest software update.

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