Apple introduces its latest iOS 8 system

Apple introduces its latest iOS 8 system

From WiFi calling to a new keyboard for the blind

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook puts months of speculation to rest by unveiling the new iOS 8 during the company's WWDC 2014 keynote address in San Francisco

Yesterday, Apple revealed its latest iOS system, a quantum leap from the iOS 7, and it features a number of significant changes to the unique platform.

Available to the public later this year, the new iOS 8 comes with a variety of innovative elements, from an improved iMessage and Healthkit app, to a smarter Siri and Braille keyboard. 

In addition to FaceTime, Apple will  introduce WiFi calling, giving users the ability to make standard calls over WiFi. For busy travellers, the iOS 8 will include Travel Time notification, similar to what Android users have, the new feature will be able to tell you how long it will take to get to an upcoming appointment or destination.

The iOS 8 also promises to offer battery usage reporting by app, pinpointing whether a specific app is draining your battery faster than others.

As social media platforms expand, iPhone is expanding its camera controls too, advanced iPhone photographers will be pleased to know that the Apple's camera app will include new control focus and exposure when taking pictures.

When it comes to communicating with your friends, Apple has also added audio messages, which you can send by swiping left on a little beacon on the right of the typing window. iOS 8 users will also be able to respond to a message in the notification center with an audio message simply by raising the phone to your ear.

As suspected, health will also be an included element in the system with the HealthKit app.

At long last, with technology that is making people's lives easier, iOS is getting an improved on-screen keyboard and a Braille keyboard with a 'direct six dot input' making it more accessible for blind users to navigate their smartphones. 

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