Apple reveals a new font for iOS

Apple reveals a new font for iOS

The company says goodbye to Lucida Grande

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Yesterday, Apple abandoned its old and favoured font for a fresh new look that will be featured on it's future operating systems...

Many might not recognise the changes in Apple's recently updated operating system, but it seems to be causing a stir amongst the company's most devoted followers.

The tech giant revealed the modification yesterday at the Worldwide Developers Conference, with the introduction of OS X 10.10 Yosemite; the latest software update that bears a resemblance to iOS 7.

Lucida Grande has been Apple's primary font for the past thirteen years, but will be dropped this autumn and replaced by Helvetica Neue in order to create uniformity across its different platforms. The change will also be evident when navigating through the folders, windows and menu bars.

Apple expects that this new change will improve the functionality and visual aspects of its devices.

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