Apple to presents its new 'smart home' concept next week

Apple to presents its new 'smart home' concept next week

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The Californian tech giant is said to be developing 'smart home' software to turn iPhones into remote controls that can control your home appliances

According to the Financial Times, Apple will soon be showcasing a new software that will turn people's iPhones into remote controls for lights, security systems, and other household appliances.

Taking on rivals Google and Samsung, Apple plans to unveil the new home software — making its 'big play' in the world of smart home technology — at its Worldwide Developer Conference on June 2 in San Francisco, said an unnamed source.

Apple presents its concept for a 'Smart Home'

The company has already been making moves into smart lifestyle software, with its CarPlay technology, in which drivers can make calls, send messages and select directions via Siri. Apple has also made a bid for customers' living rooms through its digital media player, Apple TV — with sky-rocketing sales that provided the company with $1 billion in 2013.

The futuristic, connected-home system will also give Apple customers more reasons to buy several devices in its iOS family, by using the iPhone or iPad in conjunction with its Apple TV set — with an upgraded version expected to be released later this year, to control other home devices.

Apple presents its concept for a 'Smart Home'

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