Apple to release Spotify competitor?

Apple to release Spotify competitor?

Potential iTunes Android app in the works

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Apple is reportedly considering expanding its music offering – Apple iTunes Radio, with the introduction of an on-demand streaming service

The potential service would allow people to listen to music without purchasing the track similar to existing services such as Spotify. According to a report on Billboard, Apple may also be introducing an iTunes app for Android phones - which would be a stark contrast to the way the company has developed its software in recent years.

The current Apple iTunes Radio allows a user to create stations based on songs, artists or genres. Free to use, the app is supported by ads, however they can be removed if a user signs up to Apple's iTunes Match Service for a fee of $24.99 a year - although individual songs still have to be purchased through iTunes.

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, was quoted in Walter Isaacon's biography dismissing the idea of introducing iTunes to Windows and later to Android, revealing he didn't "see an advantage of putting our own music app on Android, except to make users happy," adding that "I don't want to make Android users happy." Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple has promoted a different take on the concept of porting its software over, saying the business had "no religious issues".

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