Apple's iTime smartwatch patent is revealed

Apple's iTime smartwatch patent is revealed

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Due for release in October, specific functionality details surrounding Apple's hugely anticipated smartwatch have been leaked to the waiting public

Following on from the brand revealing further details on its plans for a smartwatch earlier this week, a specific patent diagram has been leaked to the public. Previously referred to the assumed name of 'iWatch', it now seems to be described as iTime.

According to the worded description that accompanies the released sketch, the 'iTime' can...

"Extend input/output of a portable electronic device by providing visual indicators, display, audio, tactile, haptics, buttons, switches, detectors, touch pads, navigation pads, joysticks, keys, etc. additionally or alternatively, the electronic components can be associated with one or more sensors, such as accelerometers, location (e.g GPS), proximity, biometric, force and/or the like that extend the capabilities of the electronic wristband or its associated portable electronic device. the electronic components as described herein can also include electronic subassemblies which are a multi-part electronic component. examples of multi-part electronic components include an electronic circuit, integrated circuit, or substrate (e.g printed circuit board, flex circuit).' 

This would mean that an incoming phone call, a text message, a social network post, or news feed could be directed to the electronic device, which looks to include antennas such as bluetooth, NFC, or GPS.

apple watch blueprint

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