Watch now: Apple Gets 'Better' at Advertising

Watch now: Apple Gets 'Better' at Advertising

An eco friendly approach

Video: YouTube

The tech giant is going 'au naturale' in a bid to work more sustainably

With a new focus on sustainability, and the aim of reducing the company's carbon footprint, Apple has released a new advertising campaign that presents a far greener approach to the tech giant's strategy. Entitled, 'Better,' the 90-second commercial is narrated by company CEO Tim Cook, and gives an insight into the brand's direction - highlighting their use of minimal packaging, and plans to construct data centres powered by solar paneling for a more eco-friendly approach to their somewhat aggressive growth strategy.

In the ad, Cook says: "Now, more than ever, we will work to leave the world better than we found it." It will be interesting to see how these plans unfold. You can watch the ad below.