Apple launches Apple TV +

Apple launches Apple TV +

Here's what you need to know

Text: Maddison Glendinning

Image: Apple

Apple just announced its brand new streaming service with a host of famous faces in tow...

If you've been waiting for the news from Apple out of its bi-annual conference tonight, the wait is officially over. Say hello to Apple TV +. 

Described by CEO Tim Cook as "the greatest collection of accomplished, creative visionaries who have ever come into one place", Apple TV + presents a line-up of brand new and original content from some of Hollywood's top names including Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg. 

The latter shared a preview of his new series, called Amazing Stories, whilst Jennifer Anniston, Steve Carrell and Witherspoon have joined forces on a new program called The Morning Show which looks at the men and women behind morning news programs. 

The ad-free streaming service will launch in the Fall in over 100 countries. Here's hoping the Middle East is included in the line-up because it will help us get through the last long months of summer...

In addition to Apple TV +, the company also announced the launch of Apple Card, a new credit card that, according to The Verge, promises "to improve things about the credit card experience with simpler applications, no fees, lower interest rates and better rewards." The card can be obtained by signing up on through the Apple Wallet on iPhone where users will "get a digital card that they can use anywhere Apple Pay is accepted within minutes." 

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