Apple disrupt NYFW to fly fashion insiders for wearable reveal

Apple disrupt NYFW to fly fashion insiders for wearable reveal

Is it time San Francisco?

The rumours over the last few weeks and months have pointed to the unveiling of a new wearable from Apple... Tomorrow. What's surprising, and potentially revealing – is Apple is courting the fashion crowd, disrupting New York Fashion Week to fly them to San Francisco for the big reveal

The decision for Apple to successfully enter the wearable tech marketplace has been riddled with rumour and excitement. The deal was initially signalled several months ago and several key signings to the Apple staff base (some from the fashion industry) has represented a serious bid in the realm of fashionable tech being of importance, too.

They include former CEO Angela Ahrendts of Burberry, Patrick Pruniaux former Vice President of Global Sales and Retail at Tag Heuer and former Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve. 

For tech, it’s been a constant desire to improve on the front of style and fashion, as wearable tech of course requires more than just performance to be a hit. Several upcoming fashion editors are slated to make the trip from Fashion Week to Califorina for the Tuesday reveal in the hope to win them over from the start. Such as one of the most powerful digital fashion players – Net-a-porter founder Natalie Massenet, who alluded to Apple in the below Instagram post hours ago:

Apple disrupt NYFW to fly fashion insiders for wearable reveal (фото 1)

From a technical standpoint, rumours also point to a fully-fledged wearable that will also boast "access to third-party applications for a robust ecosystem". Time will tell. Apple are livestreaming the event on its website, a countdown to the big reveal is currently active here.

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