Apple's iOS 8.3 is here and so are the new emojis

Apple's iOS 8.3 is here and so are the new emojis

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Apple's new iOS8.3 update has landed and with it, the 300 new Emoji icons it promised. Discover the details of the ethnically diverse and representative skin tone Emojis and much more here...

Buro 24/7 Middle East brought you the news that Apple had addressed the issue of the non-inclusive Emoji keyboard, with a Beta update that provided a fuller selection of skin tone Emoji's to reflect the global population of Apple users. Today the complete update is available to all. 

The new version of iOS8.3 has landed and it comes fully loaded with the ethnically representative Emoji's of 5 different skin tones, which are just a small part of the 300 total new symbols that come with the update. To access the skin scale, press down on the desired Emoji and the full scale will up for selection. Other new editions include the Apple Watch symbol, which replaces the former traditional watch symbol altogether. Those who have not updated and receive new Emoji's from friends who have, will receive a spooky ghost Emoji in its place as a fun reminder from Apple to get that upgrade.