Will Apple improve its Siri app for 'iWatch'?

Will Apple improve its Siri app for 'iWatch'?

Siri to play nice with more third-party services

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Apple is apparently working on improving Siri, its voice driven personal assistant, to third-party iOS applications, including the highly-anticipated 'iWatch'

In a new report issued by The Information, Apple's efforts are focused on getting Siri to expand to third-party applications, suggesting that voice controls will play an important role in Apple's so-called 'iWatch'.

The wrist-worn accessory will be focused on biometric feedback, providing users with health and fitness data gathered from the wearer's wrist.

The improvement of Siri would enable advanced functions such as booking reservations and sending texts through third-party apps — without Apple having to work directly through apps' developers.

Currently, Siri can interface with apps like OpenTable (an online reservation network) and Wolfram Alpha (a computational knowledge engine), with speculation pinning the launch for the 'iWatch' device in late 2014.

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