Apple’s new app ‘Healthbook’

Apple’s new app ‘Healthbook’

Rumoured to feature on the upcoming iOS 8

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The new app’s cool features include the ability to measure hydration levels, blood sugar and much more

Apple has made a name for itself for products that have become an integral part in the lives of people worldwide, including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Details have now emerged that Apple could change the way we think about our health with a new app 'Healthbook' - which has been rumoured to be a key feature on the upcoming mobile iOS 8.



'Healthbook' is similar to other apps such as 'FitBit' and 'Nike' that display your physical activity data and weight information; however, it sets itself apart with unique features that allow a user to measure data on heartbeat, hydration levels, sleep habits, blood sugar, blood pressure, as well as a variation of other health metrics.

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