Apple halts production in Russia

Apple halts production in Russia

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Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Apple faces rising pressure over Russia's invasion of Ukraine...

All eyes are hopelessly on the current conflict in Europe and there has been several cries for help in boycotting certain products in Russia – a result of international anger over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. American brands and tech giants including Ford, Harley-Davidson and Google have already stopped their sales in Russia, and it seems like Apple is the latest brand to do so, too.

Reported on BuzzFeed and CNN, Apple has paused "all product sales" in Russia, following requests by Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation. In a statement announcing a pause in sales in Russia, Apple said: "We are deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stand with all of the people who are suffering as a result of the violence." It has also been reported that its highly popular payment platform Apple Pay has also been "limited", making more of an impact as Russian citizens have reported issues using the service to pay for items while overseas due to Apple confirming that it no longer supports Russian bank Novikombank.

"With each new image of families fleeing their homes and brave citizens fighting for their lives, we see how important it is for people around the world to come together to advance the cause of peace," Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in a letter to employees. “We will continue to evaluate the situation and are in communication with relevant governments on the actions we are taking. This moment calls for unity, it calls for courage, and it reminds us that we must never lose sight of the humanity we all share.”

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