Apple goes emoji-crazy with 72 new additions

Apple goes emoji-crazy with 72 new additions

Selfie, facepalm and shrug!

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Forget about the new wallpapers and the widgets, it's the new Apple emojis that are getting people excited.

Apple has just released its new iOS 10.2 update and for many, what's most exciting about the software update will be the addition of 72 new emojis (yes, that's right, 72!). While the add-ons include the more sedated and traditional animal and food emojis, two standouts for their relevance in contemporary times: the selfie and the facepalm.

Apple 10.2 emojis

But it's not just emotions that are on show with the new emoji set as social developments have also been integrated, namely the availability of both male and female versions for a variety of emojis such as profession. Finally, old emojis are given a fresh update to offer more crisp details too.

The iOS 10.2 update is now available to download. Meanwhile, discover Apple's new Macbook Pro

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