The winning apps from the Apple Design Awards

The winning apps from the Apple Design Awards

Apple's seal of approval

Apple presented the Apple Design Awards as part of the Worldwide Developer's Conference, recognising the best new talent in app and software design for 2015. Check out the winners here...

The Apple Design Awards, come hand in hand with the recent Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) recognising the top ten best software and app innovations for Apple's iOS and OS X. There are also two student winners on the list. 

All genres are covered from gaming, with winners such as the addictive arcade hopper, Crossy Road; and Vainglory; the beautifully crafted and ornate, Shadowmatic, which is an imaginative puzzle game that uses abstract objects to find recognisable silhouettes in projected shadows. 

Productivity Apps such as; the sleekly designed, super functional and speedy, Fanstastical 2 calendar; and Workflow app which makes outstanding use of iOS accessibility features; and the compelling stock trading app, Robin Hood Markets.