Apple's augmented reality, plus iOS11 is coming

Apple's augmented reality, plus iOS11 is coming

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Augmented reality is coming to the Apple App Store and Buro 24/7 Middle East have the exclusive first look at the game-changing technology...

Apple have launched what can only be described as something big. The tech giant has debuted their latest software updates and the digital world is looking as sci-fi inspired, as it is a computer-generated reality. Here's looking at augmented reality, the App Store's Today tab and the highly anticipated iOS11 launch, which is set for Fall 2017. 

The App Store started with 500 apps, now 16 million developers are set to continue to unravel the innovation behind the tech giant with augmented reality. Without something strapped to your face! Think e-commerce stores where objects can now be viewed in real-time and in real spaces, programs that allow developers to create other-worldly objects and bring them into today's world, concepts that allows users to multi-task better than ever before. Here are the five highlights you need to know about now...

iOS11 | Apple iPad's biggest software update ever

The ability to now use app on app and multitask between apps is here. Just drag and drop between apps, (read: there's now no need to copy and paste anymore), crop, edit, scan documents and type out your content quickly and easily. But this is just the beginning of a new app culture, which now has a permanent home at the Today tab on the Apple App Store. With the update also comes what has been coined 'machine learning', which allows developers to predict, learn and then quantify apps. For example, the app Loose It now has an on device functionality that allows users to take pictures of their plates (complete with food) and then outputs calories. 

Gify World

A real-life canvas, Gify World is designed to create fun, shareable content. "We want to place gifs in the real world, we want to release them from devices," said Ralph Bishop, Gify World's Head of Design. Emojis, think a dancing Putin, animated characters, love hearts and arrows can now be applied to images and videos and shared with other users, to create stories, messages and animated notes.

IKEA Place

Swedish home design masters IKEA are set to "innovate the retail space again" with the launch of IKEA Place. "Our vision is to create a better life for everyday people," said Michael Valdsgaard, Leader of Digital Transformation at IKEA. "Everything as we know it is going to change." Working between the 2D and 3D space, IKEA's new app allows customers to place any piece of their catalogued furniture at the correct size, proportion and colour, in any space before purchasing the product — which they can then do online too.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
As far as children's learning capabilites go, Touch Press are changing the game with the launch of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the app. Designed off the popular children's book of the same name, these tech gurus have recreated the character with virtual reality to create a virtual pet. With four million users to date, the app now opens up a new game-like world to allow children to experience how to care, nurture, feed and interact with the beloved children's character. "Children believe in magical world, with ARKit we've been able to provide a lens into the world," said Barry O'Neill, Touch Press' CEO . "The idea is for content creators to enhance the capability of story telling."

In the Kitchen by The Food Network
"The Food Network is bringing whimsy and wonder into daily recipes," confirmed Al Ming, Director of Product, Apps and Emerging Technologies at Scripps Lifestyle Studios. "Food is a reflection of people. ARKit makes that experience even sweeter." In short the In the Kitchen app, which was created in just two weeks, is an easy way to virtually create cupcakes, cakes, cookies and pies. "Augmented reality is shaping the food world and reinventing the way we interact with friends, family and food."

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