The Apple-1 computer is sold at auction in New York for $905k

The Apple-1 computer is sold at auction in New York for $905k

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A working vintage Apple-1 computer has made a new record as at a New York auction, after being sold for a cool $905,000

As one of only 200 to ever be made, this particular Apple-1 is among just 64 units known to currently exist in the world, and one of just 15 that actually work. It is thought to have been built by Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs' family home when Apple started in 1976, from the garage of the residence, as featured in the film Jobs.

Auction house Bonham expected the model to fetch $500,000, according to reports – which only makes the $905,000 figure even more impressive.

"Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs put technology directly in the hands of the people with the creation of the Apple-1, completely altering the way we work and live," said Patricia Mooradian, president of the Henry Ford organisation, which bought the piece and plans to display it at a museum.

"The Apple-1 was not only innovative, but it is a key artefact in the foundation of the digital revolution."

Despite the fact that the actual device is simply a motherboard, plus famous wooden keyboard, as well as an owner's manual and an Apple-1 cassette interface. 

Last year's record from Germany saw an Apple-1 go for $671,000, narrowly beating out the previous record, also set in Germany, of $640,000. Sotheby's in New York also recently sold an Apple-1 for $374,500.