Android Wear devices can now be paired with iPhones

Android Wear devices can now be paired with iPhones

Google moves in on Apple

Google announces new compatibility function for Android Wear, making it usable with iOS devices. Giving iPhone users a new choice of wearable tech options. Get the scoop…

Google makes a smart move in the smartwatch arena by announcing its iOS app for Android Wear today. The tech giant is now making its smartwatch operating system compatible with Apple iPhones for the first time. 

Seeing an opportunity in the market, the seven wearable tech devices that use Google's Android Wear system, from makers including Motorola, Sony and LG, can now be paired with Apple devices that use the operating system iOS8.2 or greater. 

The idea is to make these devices available to as many people as possible and to tap into the reported one billion iOS devices that have been bought by consumers to date. When you compare that figure with the 3.6 million Apple Watches that have been sold since launch, it is plain to see that there is a huge opportunity to offer those Apple devices a greater choice of wearable tech products to pair with. We look forward to seeing how Apple responds to this move with its advances in the Apple Watch in the future...

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