Amazon set to release its own smartphone

Amazon set to release its own smartphone

A potential new world for consumers

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An exciting announcement is set to be made tomorrow at a brand event in Seattle, the revelation of an Amazon Smartphone... Meaning that the retailer is closing the gap between the impulse to buy and the act itself

If the rumours are to be believed, Amazon has spent the last several years investing billions of dollars on various projects – constructing warehouses to deliver goods as fast as possible, building devices such as tablets, and creating and licensing entertainment to stock those devices... And revealing its very own phone seems to be the last and perhaps the most crucial link in the enterprise. 

The online retail giant published a teaser video for tomorrow's event a few weeks ago featuring the top of a phone-like device about 42 seconds in. The people shown the device are impressed, saying things like it "moved with me" and "that's pretty intuitive..."

We suspect they are talking about a new glasses-free, eye sensor 3-D user interface, which has been expected to be included on Amazon's phone for some time. That means users will be able to tilt their heads to the side to see hidden content or homescreens, an action that could potentially meaning a nod towards making purchases through the site without lifiting a finger? All will be revealed tomorrow.

Watch Amazon's teaser video below, now: