Amazon Go: The future of grocery shopping

No lines, no checkouts

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

A new shopping experience promises to never make you wait in line again, ever. Watch the video now!

Amazon has released a video to introduce its new shopping technology that allows shoppers to forego queues and cashiers. Centred around the ground-breaking Amazon Go app, the firm utilises state-of-the-art technology – computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning – to detect which and when products are taken off shelves to then store the information in a digital cart. Once the shopping list is completed, shoppers can simply leave the store and await a receipt through their Amazon account.

The revolutionary Amazon Go store is already open to Amazon employees in Seattle, US, and will be open to the public early next year. To experience the future of grocery shopping, all you need is an Amazon account, a smartphone and the Amazon Go app. 

As well, discover the future of luxury shopping as Farfetch is set to present the FarfetchOS.

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